Consultant and Teaching Hospital for the Lake and Western zones of the United Republic of Tanzania

::Bugando Medical Centre

Director of Finance and Planning.
C.P.A Father Engelbert Nyandwi

Merits of the Department to the hospital
  • Running engine on financial matters

  • Provide technical advice to management on financial matter

  • Determine financial direction of hospital by considering hospital income i.e collection of revenue

  • Made payment to various groups i.e supplies , staffs etc

  • Keep all records of financial issues i.e payment

  • Prepare different reports i.e financial reports and other reports

  • Assist external auditors during auditing process

  • Creates awareness on all matter relating to employees salaries and allowance

Chief accountant.
C.P.A Livino Malya

Responsiblilities of chief accountant
  • The Chief accountant is responsible for ensuring that all the accounting data is posted promptly and correctly in order to keep all accounting records up to date all the time. The reasons for this practice are as follows

  • To minimize the risk of errors

  • To establish a much easier and faster system of discovering and correcting errors:

  • To reduce the likelihood of loss or theft

  • To provide an audit trail of all transactions and entries onto the system

  • To monitor all revenue collections to ensure that BMC is receiving fair return of revenue from its activities

The following Departments follows under Directorate of Finance and Planning(DFP).