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BMC conducts Kidney Diseases Screening on World Kidney Day

On 12th March 2020, world kidney day, more than 500 people had a visit at Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) for kidney screening. Bugando Medical Centre commemorates the day by conducting kidney screening and providing education concern kidney health throughout the week.
Director of Medical Services Dr.Bahati Wajanga said that, Bugando Medical Centre has been conducting kidney screening every year in order to give knowledge and awareness to the citizens of Mwanza and neighboring regions about their kidney health so that they can take measures early.
Dr.Ladius Ludovick, Nephrologist at BMC said, BMC in collaboration with the Nephrology Society of Tanzania (NESOT) gave free opportunity to Lake Zone citizens whereby they looked on the causes of kidney diseases, indicators of kidney diseases, providing education and treatment to the people. Dr Ludovick said that, Bugando Medical Centre serves 600 patients in a month who have kidney difficulties especially for the people with high blood pressure and diabetes.
“In Tanzania, over 4300 people die of kidney diseases every year and 1000 people are attending dialysis sessions. In order to prevent kidney diseases one should exercise a lot, testing urine once per year and observing the principles of living,” said Dr.Ludovick