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::Bugando Medical Centre
Ex-Makoko seminary students (Alumni) contributes to needy patients at Bugando Medical Centre.

On Easter Monday 13th April 2020, former Makoko Seminary students paid a visit at Bugando Medical Centre with a donation of TSH 2.3 million to help the needy patients.
Representing Ex-Makoko Seminarians, Peter Ng’wandu said that, “the community of students who graduated Makoko Seminary, visited Bugando hospital last year 2019 with the aim of witnessing the ongoing services at the hospital. Many were relieved to see the achievements and improvements of the services which are provided currently comparing with previous situation, so we felt we had to do something to help the needy”.
Director General of Bugando Medical Centre, Prof Abel Makubi thanked his fellow Ex-Makoko seminary for their contribution as their tradition of helping the needy and improving the services. Ex-Makoko seminary students ensures that the name of Makoko grows in the community, church and the citizens so that they can benefit from the fruits of Makoko seminary.
Mr.Gasper Mshana Gaudensi, social welfare officer at Bugando Medical Centre tanked the Ex-Makoko Seminary students (Alumni). He said, “Bugando Medical Centre carries a responsibility of providing treatment to patients but sometimes carries the responsibility of helping the needy. He said, in three months the hospital exempts THS 200 million cost of provided services to patients in need”. Mr. Gasper has also invited and encourage the society and other stakeholders to assist the hospital in helping the needy so that the hospital continues providing and improving services.