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Hon. John Mongela Launches Protective Equipment At Bugando Medical Centre.

Today, on 9th June 2020, Bugando Medical Centre has launched the protective equipment’s project the guest of honor being the Regional commissioner of Mwanza Hon. John Mongela.
Hon. John Mongela congratulated BMC on the step that they have taken of launching the protective equipment’s as they will be a great help to the hospital and other hospitals around Mwanza region as they will reduce the disturbances and scarcity of those equipment’s around Mwanza. He also congratulated Bugando Medical Centre for keeping on giving out quality services to the customers.
The acting Director General, Dr. Fabian Masaga thanked John Mongela for arriving at the launching of the protective equipment project. He said that, “BMC has launched the protective equipment’s for workers, patients and their relatives. These equipment’s used to be imported with great cost, but now they are available at our hospital, and Bugando will continues to expand different projects at the hospital.”
The acting director also said that, “the protective equipment’s which have been launched are hand sanitizers, Face shield, Semi PPE and full PPE. These equipment’s have been launched for Bugando and other hospitals in the Lake Zone.
The vice chancellor of CUHAS Professor Paschalis Rugarabamu thanked Hon. John Mongela for launching the protective equipment’s, he also said that CUHAS will soon launch their own sanitizer to support Bugando Medical Centre.