This is one of a medical specialty that attends people of all ages with mainly acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention. Usually not providing long-term or continuing care, but variety of illness are diagnosed and acute interventions are an undertaken to resuscitate and stabilize patients with chronic or acute on chronic illnesses. The department started transitionally since August 2012 and established in Dec, 2012 [formally was a casualty unit]
  • Emergency doctors [9]
  • Nurses [15]
  • Medical attendants [10]
  • Porters [2]
  • Emergency pharmacy
  • Emergency cashier /payment window
  • Emergency File Registration window
  • It is characterized by high stress, increasing number of patients and rapid decision-making with little or incomplete information.
  • Required competent, caring personnel at all hours because emergencies can't wait- time is too valuable's
  • Arrival to admission /discharge time is about 90min .average
  • Maintaining efficiency and speed
    • The department works in 24 hours each day, Seven days a week regardless of holidays.
    • Emergency staffs are present 24 hours in shifts.
    • Serving with love and sympathy.
    • Pharmacy, registration and payments services are available.
    • Availability of resources, coordination, team work, responsibility
  • Discipline at work
    • If discipline is maintained, we have fewer issues to struggle with.
    • We have unwavering punctuality, respect, and diligence.
  • Every one is a leader
    • Establishment of rotating weekly in charges for doctors and nurses.
    • To supervise operational & administrative issues in the department.
  • Imparted sense of ownership
    • Motivational talks
    • Encouragements
  • Close follow up issues
    • Consumables are accounted for everyday using checklist
    • Inter-departmental issue are followed up by weekly in charges or HOD and feedbacks are brought – in during reports.
  • Weekly reports
    • The in charges meet at the end of each week and discuss challenges faced and how they solve them.
    • Written report is submitted to the HOD
    • The unresolved issues are tabled for further follow up.
  • Monthly statistic report
    • Statistics coordinator complies and keeps the records every month.
    • Top 5 referring hospitals are known
    • Feedbacks are brought for discussion and improvement.
  • Department meeting
    • After every two months, discussing on challenges arisen, evaluation of given tasks and implementation of the same.
  • Average of 85 patients are attended every day,[Highest number is 140 patients, lowest number is 40]
  • Average of 25 patients per 1 doctor each day
  • 52% of the people we attend are admitted per day
  • 20% of the attended are under 5 patients year’s children
  • 25% of all attended patients are referrals
  • 0.3 of people attended die/day in the department
  • 90% of deaths in the department occur within 30min – 2hours since arrival.
  • Most are referred when severely sick, or come severely traumatized or terminally ill.
  • Most of cases are severe anemias, deadly road traffic accidents, and complications of respiratory or cardiovascular and infectious diseases.
  1. Attending time from average of 90 min to less than an hour-Inputs
    • 3 additional Drs
    • 7 trained nurses
    • 4 medical Attendants
    • 2-more porters
  2. Perform all emergency investigations in the department.
    • Emergency lab [for emergency tests]
    • portable USS machine
    • portable x-ray machine
  3. Availability of adequate life support equipments-Inputs
    • In-built oxygen supply
    • Suction machines
    • Airway instruments [ETT masks, etc], central lines
    • ventilators
  4. Some Emergency Surgical procedures to be done in EMD-Inputs:
    • Installation of infrastructure and anesthesia machines / instruments
    • Recovery room with 3 beds
    • Trained theatre staff
  • Serves as a face of the hospital
  • Always attend many patients
  • Earns the hospital a lot through strict supervision of hospital bills for outpatients and inpatients.
  • Self –determined , motivated, hardworking, medically ethical and moral staffs
  • Daily short presentations on different issues like 5 s/kaizen , IPC , etc
  • Weekly case presentations, mortality reviews and discussions
  • Trainings by visiting doctors from within or outside the country.
The pharmacist focuses on patient care and physician support. This team is centered on providing prescription products, compounds, complementary over-the-counter (OTC) supplies, more..
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One of the patients undergoing intensive medical care in Adult Internsive Care Unit...