• Education
    • Early detection and Screening.
    • Treatment and Care.
    • Palliative care.
    • Supportive care.
    • Collaboration with others.
    • Research.
  • Staff:Specialized trainings are on going for different colleagues in oncology as follows:
    • Two Doctors have completed thei r superspeciality in Onco –Sugery and Gynae Onco..
    • Two Radiation Technologists are at Ocean Road undertaking their studies.
    • One Pathologist who is in the department of Histopathology since 2007.
    • One Medical Oncologist who is the head of department has his training in Super specialist in that field in Italy completed in 2008 , and he is in the department since 2009.
    • One Medical Oncologist who is the head of department since 2009.
    • One Nuclear Medicine Physician completed his studies in 2011.
    • One Medical Physicist completed his studies in 2012 together with 1 Radiation Technologists and 2 Nuclear Medicine Technologists.
    • One Radiation Oncologist joined the department early 2014 after completing his studies in India.
    • Four Nurses were trained in Onco-nursing 3 in Italy for 6 months each, and 1 in South Africa for 4 months.
    • Apart from that we have in house training in the department,we trained 26 Drs in the Region surrounding Bugando or Served by Bugando as a tertiary Hospital in September 2013.
    • We also had a training for Nurses and Pharmaceutical Technicians 35 in total in June 2014.
    • In house training is ongoing due to staff turnover for training or other reasons.
  • Community:
During different outreach campaigns especially screening,the community is reached and awareness on the risks,prevention and early detection are being done.

Also this exercise is being done at the department on daily basis during treatment schedules,special activity eg Pink and Red Ribbon months,also when patients are waiting to be seen in the clinics through posters and leaflets.

  • In house is meant for staff we expected 300+ but we screened 96.
  • Facility means Clients coming for screening every Friday of every week voluntarily –We have screened 356 women.
  • Outreach Screening which is funded by Italians Collaborators we were able to visit 8 districts and screened 3000 women, we are currently analyzing the results.
This activity started way back in 2009,Patients were mobilized from different wards to oncology ward-J4.Both adults and Childres.

The number of patients treated has exponentially increased as shown on the graph below.

Different partners have come in to help in this area,eg in the area of Histo/Cytopathology-Italians have assisted both material-equipments and reagents, and Human resources through Rotating Pathologists. In the area of treatment also Italians have donated Drugs and send Rotating Oncologists and Nurses to help the existing local team.

We Received Gamma Camera from IAEA which is helping in staging of our patients ,especially bone scans.

We recently received an X-ray Machine for Bukumbi Hospital and a Teleradiology unity for Bugando.

Italians are donating 1 Linac machine for treatment and its Simulating unity IAEA through the matching Funds program will donate 2-Cbalt 60 Machines,HDR-Brachytherapy,and Planning system.

Not all patients that are seen can be cured and therefore-Paaliative care.
  • Facility
  • Offered in the Hospital we created a palliative team which is currently not functioning well, but in a month at the oncology Department we can see up to 10 cases.
  • Community
  • We are using the existing Home based care for HIV to reach our clients ,with this community Palliative care a number of chronic Diseases are inclused,HIV/AIDS,Diabetes Mellitus,Hypertenstions and theirComplications eg Stroke,Muscular Disoders etc. The Oncology department at Bugando spearheaded to form a lake Zone Palliative initiative in collaboration with Tearfund Foundation,the Draft of the document was submitted to the Ministry for approval.
    Major challenges in this servise are Infrastructure to reach all clients,Human resources,availability of drugs especially Morphine from MSD.
  • Peculiarity for the treatment of cancer render special attention during the course of treatment,areas of challenges are Long duration of treatment,detachement from family,transportation Burden,Drop out from school,Divorce etc.
    • Establishment of School
    • So that children will continue to study during the drug holiday period,this has already started at Bugando. It has attracted even children from other wards.
    • Family support in the Hospital
    • Since everything has to be paid for from investigations,treatment,accommodation,transportation and other personal needs like clothes,soap etc Hope for life are thinking in Fund rising to help for that.
    • Hostel
    • As mentioned before,the distance and frequency of attending Hospital for treatment has attracted the Idea of building a hostel to accommodate familieswhile waiting for the next turn of drugs,this is stillin the pre-liminary phase of planning.
    • Italy-Tison,IOV(Istituto Oncologico di Veneto),IOR(Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo),IRST-(Istituto scientific per Cura e Ricerca die Tumori.)
    • USA-NCI-(National Cancer Institute),Duke and Weill Cornell.
    1. Italy
      • Screening
      • Breast cancer
      • Kaposis Sarcoma
      • Lymphoma
      • Retinoblastoma
      • Vitamin D vs Cancer
    2. NCI
      • EMBLEM
    3. INCTR
      • Phase 3 Clinical trial
    4. AIRC
      • Cancer registry
The pharmacist focuses on patient care and physician support. This team is centered on providing prescription products, compounds, complementary over-the-counter (OTC) supplies, ..read more..
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