Some of the staff undergoing immunization activity Community health, Research and Consultancies is one of the directorates of Bugando medical centre with a vital role of connecting the hospital and the community. Starting with the community in the hospital, that is Hospital clients and Health care workers and the Lake zone community at large. It adds value in a comprehensive approach of serving peoples health that is, managing patients, not only medically but also addressing community aspects by initiating strategies that will address the determinants of health and positively impact people and their community.

Through research it is possible to identify what is needed for preserving, maintaining and promoting peoples health. Our success relies upon transfer of information and knowledge from health professionals to the communities. We are committed to deliver necessary information which can be used by other departments, and the hospital at large. This will help administrators in making various decisions regarding planning and functioning of the hospital at all levels.

To have healthy communities and people with improved quality of life. We are committed to preserve, promote and advocate for health throughout lifespan; through giving education, research, collaborations and community involvement.

  • Hospital Information Management department
    • Hospital reports
  • Infectious diseases department
    • IPC unit
      • Health worker safety
      • Patient safety
      • Vaccination activities.
  • Research zonal consultancy
    • Clinical research unit
    • Consultancy
  • Department of reproductive child health (Zonal RCH)
    • Immunization
    • Maternal mortality surveillance
    • Maternal mortality reduction project
  • Excellency
  • Develop teamwork and leadership
  • Promote evidence based practices
  • Coordinate infectious diseases monitoring and management for the hospital and the community.
    • Disease Surveillance system
    • Outbreak control and management
  • Hospital reports compilation and data analysis
  • Hospital Health education programme
    • CME
    • Patient education
  • Community outreach programme
  • Collaborations
  • Workshops, Seminars and Scientific references for staff.
  • Research and Consultancy
Dr. Wemaeli Mweteni
  • Fransisco Chibunda
  • Esther Mkungu
  • Emelda Katorogo
  • Domina Kayenze
  • Jacquiline Riwa
  • Lilian Thobias
  • Consolate Nchagwa
  • Aichiwake Kimaro
  • Zenorine Lyimo
  • Debora Nyagawa
  • Martha Komba
  • Shan Lucas
  • Neema Mrutu (Zonal RCH Secretary)
  • Magdalena Katole
  • Ruth Mathias
  • Grace Vedastus
The pharmacist focuses on patient care and physician support. This team is centered on providing prescription products, compounds, complementary over-the-counter (OTC) supplies, ..read more..
Saratani ya mlango wa kizazi inazuilika kwa asilimia 100%, Na ikugundulika katika steji ya awali .....soma zaidi..



One of the patients undergoing intensive medical care in Adult Internsive Care Unit...